Booking module

One interface to manage every booking

Don't waste valuable time browsing for available cars on different platforms or calendar systems.
Gather all of your units and vehicles in one interface for you and your users to book with ease - saving administrative work

Userfriendly bookingcalendar

  • Easy to use booking calendar. Makes booking an easy task for your users to do. 

  • Let your users book any of your registered vehicles in the bookingcalendar. 

  • Avoid the hassle of having to use multiple platforms and calendars for booking and assemble every booking in one place. 


Easy access

  • Allow your users access to your fleet via keycard or keytag*

  • The carkey can be installed into the glove compartment,
    so you don't have to pick up the carkey from  e.g. reception or keybox.* ​

  • *FerrumBox is required to use this feature. 

Category booking

category booking snip.PNG