Fleet communication

This module allows you to communicate with the FerrumBox to make end user support easy and managable for any call center or support team to use. 

Open/lock your cars from anywhere

  • The built in open/lock car features allows you to aid support for your users if they are having trouble accessing any of your cars.

  • The feature can also be useful if you need to access a specific vehicle at any given time.

  • Can be accessed from any device with internet access. 


Locate your cars 

  • This functions allows you to get the whereabouts of a vehicle
    It's a useful tool if your cars hasn't been returned by one of our users or if the users is having issues getting back on time. 


  • Easy to point out whereabouts of car on open street map. 


Swap vehicle/ change users to any booking

  • The function makes it easy for you to swap any vehicle to any of your users with just one click.

  • Instead of browsing through E.G. Outlook for any available car, the system will automatically mirror the current reservation and match it with any available vehicle in your fleet.

  • You can easily assign a planned booking to another user than it was originally booked for. 


Edit, cancel & change bookings for your users

  • Make any adjustment to your booking for your users or let them do it by themselves.