The FerrumBox will provide you with all the necessary data sent from the car directly into the Fleet system. Not only will it provide you with useful data and allow your users easy acces but also protect your vehicles and prevent unauthorised use.

It's specially designed to run with our Fleet Systems and can be installed into a wide variety of cars from hybrids, EV's and conventional cars. Contact us to hear more about what vehicles the FerrumBox can be installed in. 

All the data for optimizing

  • Get all the necessary data sent from the car directly into the Fleet System. Generate data files of your fleet, that you can use to analyse, utilize and to optimize the usage of your fleet with.


Keyless solution

  • The FerrumBox provides you with keyless solution, meaning that you can keep the carkey in your car without having to worry. 

  • Instead of picking up keys from the reception or from keyboxes allow your users to pick them up the car - saving lots of administrative work.  

carkey png.png

Keep your vehicles safe

  • The FerrumBox is connected to your vehicles immobilizer preventing uauthorized access or theft . 

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Install in a vide array of vehicles

  • The FerrumBox can be fitted into every cartype that we can think of from hybridcars to pure electric and convetional cars.

  • We are experienced with EV's, Hybrids and conventional cars. 

  • Thorugh manuals for installment will be provied for each vehicle. 


Optimize and save costs

  • With the telematics installed in your cars you will get the full potential of the Fleet system as the FerrumBox is specially designed to operate with our Fleet Systems

  • Easily access every data you need in order to optimze and save operating costs on your fleet. 




  • Get in touch to learn more about our prices.